The Jack Daniels Porsche Team

Our Porsche Team On this page is the biggest reason to do business with us - our people! Yes, it is essential to have a first-class facility (and we do!). And it is imperative to have a major financial commitment to maintain the largest possible inventory of cars and parts (which is ours!). But it is absolutely critical to long term success to have hand selected, proven people - 100% committed to providing unsurpassed service! The people below share their unique Passion for Porsche and are sincerely dedicated to spreading and perpetuating the joys of Porsche ownership... everyday!


Evan Gemma | General Manager


Doug Avella

Doug Avella | General Sales Manager

Phone: 201.368.7300 Ext. 1301 • Email:

Dijana Stanisic

Dijana Stanisic | Sales Manager

Dijana has come to Jack Daniels Motors with a new spirit, focus, and desire to bring us to the next level. Her passion for helping grow teams and client engagement is second to none.

Phone: 201.368.7300 Ext. 1308 • Email:

Chris Dodin

Chris Dodin | Porsche Service Director

The best Porsche servcie manager on the East Coast....period.. Chirs is 100% dedicated to making your Jack Daniels Porsche experience perfect and he invites you to come in!  If you should have any concerns about your new or older Porsche model please reach out to Chris and his team of professionals!

Phone: 201.398.1210 Ext. 1372 • Email:

Brooks Bateson

Brooks Bateson | Service Advisor

I enjoy quality time with my son and daughter, crabbing and fishing with my kids. Cooking together with my Fiance (I WON OUR COOK OFF), and time with my parents living in NC. BE GRATEFUL EVERYDAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE---LIFE IF VERY SHORT—IT’S A GIFT.

Phone: 201.368.7300 Ext. 1374 • Email:

Barbara Gesualdi

Barbara Gesualdi | Service Advisor

Fun and genuine Barbara is a fixture at Jack Daniels Porsche and is dedicated to our valued clients having the best experience possible and staying in communication at each step of the service process. With Jack Daniels Motors since 2005 first as a receptionist and now a Brand Ambassador! Barbara enjoys cooking, gardening, and travel.

Phone: 201.368.7300 Ext. 1371 • Email:

Kristine Yamroz

Kristine Yamroz | Dealership Customer Experience Manager

Phone: 201.368.7300 Ext. 1328 • Email:

David Chais

David Chais | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

Phone: 201.368.7300 Ext. 1314 • Email:

Gursharan Singh

Gursharan Singh | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

I started in the retail industry in 1998, but I had my first experience in the automotive industry in 2011. I was given the opportunity to work for Jack Daniels Porsche in 2015, and I’m committed to this brand and company for the long haul. At the end of the day retail is retail no matter which industry we may be in. My philosophy is this, treat your customer the same way you would like to be treated and deserved to be treated. This will make the relationship that you develop with a client more personable and long lasting.

Phone: 201.252.1500 Ext. 1305 • Email:

Ernest Ramos

Ernest Ramos | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

Phone: 201.368.7300 Ext. 1306 • Email:

Colin Hoffman

Colin Hoffman | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

Phone: 201.368.7300 Ext. 1319 • Email:

Eric Rothbaum

Eric Rothbaum | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

Phone: 201.368.7300 Ext. 1315 • Email:

Cliff Schlein

Cliff Schlein | Sales and Leasing Represenetative

Phone: 201.367.7300 Ext. 1309 • Email:

James Simon

James Simon | Sales and Leasing Represenetative

Phone: 201.368.7300 Ext. 1303 • Email:

Dwight Senior

Dwight Senior | Motorsports Manager

Phone: 201.368.7300 Ext. 1317 • Email:

Bryan Barger

Bryan Barger | Parts Specialist

My name is Bryan Barger and I am the Parts Manager here at Jack Daniels Porsche. This year I am celebrating my 20th year in the parts business and look forward to providing with the experience I’ve attained over these years. I am a father of one, my 5 year old boy who is the center of my universe. In my spare time I enjoy being a great father, studying physics and electrical engineering & theory. I also enjoy restoring vintage audio equipment.

Phone: 201.368.7300 Ext. 1360 • Email: